Recap: Show & Go

It was a cloudy day in Englishtown but the turnout overall was pretty good. The Air-Cooled section was smaller than the previous years. Maybe they were scared of the possibility of rain, or possibly attending a Subaru GTG. The racing was small as it is at most VW events. However, their were a few very fast cars, getting in the low 11′s and 10 second ranges. German Squad didn’t host the show this year so the lack of club music blasting the entire time was much appreciated. The club who hosted it did an excellent job. (Sorry I forgot their name!)

The real question is, should you of gone, if you didn’t? I’d say no. The cost of just a spectator admission was up to $20. This felt more like a $10 event. What will Waterfest cost, $40 per spectator? Also, if you arrived late (like I did), due to the parking lot setup, you had to park in the back on top of muddy gravel.

That’s all for now. See you next time!
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VW Drag Racing

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