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Here’s a little video from Dubs on the Delaware, filmed and edited by Raf. Watch till the end for a special message!

Coolwater Annual Fall Cruise: Octotober 23rd

Summer is over, everyone has forgotten what you did at h20 (Well, they’ve stopped talking about it anyway), and the leaves are starting to change color. That can only mean the Coolwater Charity Cruise is coming up!


This will be the 6th straight year of the cruise, and its only gotten bigger and better! Take a break from your usual Sunday of laying on the couch watching Football or going to Bed/Bath & Beyond with your wife, and enjoy the day driving around the twisty mountains of northern New Jersey with a bunch of VW nuts.

This years proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. Everything we collect, we donate.

Exact meetup details will be posted soon!

Checkout this small clip from last year

Type 3D!

Coolwater video footage from Bugin 2011.

Drive-In pictures are up


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Recap: Bug-In

Litchfield Bug-In is one of my favorite shows each year. It falls on fathers day, so it’s a good excuse to take the old man to a show, or treat yourself to a nice Sunday with your family. There are plenty of nice twisty back roads you can take on the way to the show, which makes the drive enjoyable. The grounds are very nice, with good priced food (waffle cheese fries anyone?), and Woodstock inspired music all day. It’s mostly an air-cooled show, so you waterheads might feel left out if you decide to show your car. This year the total turnout was a little less than the previous years but there was still plenty of great looking cars to check out. If you missed it this year, I would make an effort to attend the next one, you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the pictures!


Volksfest – Recap

After a mislead detour and repairing a MK2 shift linkage at a gas station, we paid our dollar and entered Volksfest. The backdrop for this show was filled will medieval looking buildings and a full sized pirate ship. It offered something for everyone. In the mood for some local brewed beer? Potato wedges? Nice looking Volkswagens? Volksfest has you covered.

The show area was organized via ‘Park as you arrive’, which meant if you drove in with a group of cars you could park next to each other, giving you a very convenient way to organize large lawn chair discussions. The swap meet was filled with good prices and rare parts. If you knew the VW marketplace well, you could of easily turned a profit afterwards.

The show area was an even amount of Watercooled and Aircooled cars, with no lack of great looking cars in both classes. Such as this clean MK3 Jetta, a slammed Passat,, and a perfectly color matched VR6 Corrado

Volksfest isn’t one of the biggest shows on the year but it’s definitely one of the better ones.

Check out the rest of the pictures!

A big thanks goes to Jessica Beaudoin from Ultra Vylet Photography for taking pictures of the event for us!

New England Dustoff this Sunday!

Dustoff is this Sunday at Seekonk Speedway in Seekonk, MA

8:30am – Show cars enter

10:00am – Gates open to the public

Click here for more info



Coolwater is now on Twitter

Yes it’s true, Coolwater has signed up for a twitter account. Why? Who knows.

What will we be tweeting about? Mostly upcoming events and random club shenanigans.

So follow us on the social media sensation that is Twitter!

Coolwater family gets a little bigger

Welcome Sydney, our newest honorary member.

Photo section is working again!

Well, I finally got the photo section working properly again. (I’m a slacker I know,…)

Some more changes will be coming for the 2011 season. I’ll be working on a better Member page, and try to improve the appearance of the site.

Stay tuned.

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